A new heart for ETI (TCS medical alert center)

19 February 2011

Dr. Abdel Boudemagh and medical assistants Dr. Julie-Anne Dayer and Dr. Adrien Schwitzguébel provide advice to ETI policyholders Dr. Abdel Boudemagh and medical assistants Dr. Julie-Anne Dayer and Dr. Adrien Schwitzguébel provide advice to ETI policyholders

TCS has just acquired its own team of doctors for medical consultations. ETI's specialist team is headed by Dr. Abdel Boudemagh. 

More than 30 specialists are on continuous standby to respond to the countless requests that arrive at ETI's Geneva call center every day: 150,000 in 2010 alone.
In the summer, and during holidays and unusual events such as the eruption of the volcano in Iceland, no fewer than 40 persons are available to take calls from ETI policyholders. 

Confidential advisor | Personal assistance is a major feature of ETI's services. Until 2010 these medical examinations were provided by outside physicians, mostly from Rega (Swiss Air-Rescue). Since January 1st TCS has had its own team of doctors, available 24 hours a day for medical consultations and emergencies, to meet the needs of ETI's policyholders.  The Director of ETI Geneva's new medical team is a 57-year-old neurosurgeon, Dr. Abdel Djellil Boudemagh. Together with his two medical assistants, Dr. Julie-Anne Dayer and Dr. Adrien Schwitzguébel, he is responsible for providing medical examinations for policyholders. Dr. Boudemagh has prior experience in telemedicine and emergency medicine. He believes that the medical examination is the true heart of ETI's services. Accordingly, it is vital that members be treated by one of the organization's physicians. "A doctor is the ultimate confidential advisor."

Since April 2010 the new ETI Med department has been monitored and supervised by a project manager from TCS, Julien Weiler. The club's medical department has been built up in stages, by gradually involving all the relevant departments. "Thanks to ETI Med our policy-holders will have only one contact in future, a doctor from TCS" Julien Weiler is pleased to announce.  The goal is to maintain and progressively raise the quality of service. This improvement in quality was put into effect rapidly: members can now quickly reach a doctor, leading to a more efficient provision of care, since the operational side of the services can now be coordinated from the same location. "Moreover, this internalization of skills also opens the door to other advances in the field of health" continues Julien Weiler. For example, it is planned to create a website offering medical information on travel destinations.

On call | Using geolocation software, Dr Abdel Boudemagh and his team can determine where their patients are at any time, and inquire about their condition. The team is on call to patients on a 24-hour basis, 365 days a year. If medical evacuation is required, Serge Graub, the Senior Operations Manager, arranges for transport and for hospitalization for the patient in Switzerland. If necessary the patient is accompanied by a member of the TCS treatment unit. Last year, 700 repatriations were carried out.


Author/Source: TCS/Nadia Rambaldi

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