Marm Assistance’s Own Middle East Network has been Launched

24 September 2014

Marm Assistance Middle East Network Marm Assistance Middle East Network

Having been operating as the extended arm of ARC Europe member companies for years in Turkey, Marm Assistance recently announced the completion of its long-awaited Middle East Network Expansion. The new marmassistance network is at the disposal of ARC Europe members in various countries in the Middle East with a vast medical facility network as well as other travel related services.

The largest network in the region covers a wide geography throughout the entire Middle East, Eastern North Africa and the Caucausus region. The network countries included are Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, S.Arabia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Over the course of the past year, Marm Assistance network teams have conducted several visits to each country carrying out strategic alliances with countless hospitals, clinics, ambulance companies, travel agencies, funeral providers, taxi companies, and so forth. Local healthcare cultures have been examined and tested thoroughly. Direct Billing Agreements, GOP arrangements and discount structures were established with hundreds of medical facilities.

“We have put a lot of effort into this network. Now, we are as capable in these countries as we are in Turkey” Marm Assistance CEO Firat Olgun commented. “Clients can rest assure they will receive the same timely service, reasonable medical bills and extended reach in the area with the comfort of liaising with one solid partner.”

Analyses of various countries in the network will be announced on an occasional basis.

Contact marmassistance for more information on how your organization can secure strong service capabilities in the Middle East region.

Author/Source: Doruk Baglan-Marm Assistance

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