Two ARC Europe Service Providers among the winners of the ITIJ Industry Awards 2013

10 Decemper 2013

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This year’s International Travel & Health Insurance Journal (ITIJ) Awards were held on 7th November as a part of the annual International Travel & Health Insurance Conference (ITIC), Vienna, Austria.

More than 600 delegates from all over the world attended this year’s conference in Vienna. More than 500 from over 60 countries witnessed  the awards ceremony honouring all  companies delivering travel insurance services.

Two of ARC Europe’s Service Providers, ADAC and marmassistance were recognised as travel insurance companies who had gone above and beyond what is required of them.

ADAC Ambulance Service wins the Award for the "ITIJ Marketing Campaign of the Year 2013"

With 40 years of experience, ADAC Ambulance Service - the medical assistance part of the ADAC group - is one of the leading European enterprises for world-wide medical transportation. The company assists 53,000 patients per year and carries out more than 14,000 transports - on ground and by air, operating own air ambulance aircraft fleet. As a solution provider for any international patient transport ADAC Ambulance Service also offers transports on commercial airlines like PTC, stretcher etc.

While previous years marketing campaigns focused on the product, this year ADAC Ambulance Service marketing team dared to create an image campaign that combined the challenging medical transportation business with the elegant taste of arts: "The fine art of helping".
To achieve high attention and recognition, it is crucial to go unconventional ways, says Robert Glück, since 2004 Marketing and Sales director of ADAC Ambulance Service.
In close teamwork with ADAC's creative team, ADAC Ambulance Service developed a marketing campaign, illustrating  ADAC Ambulance Services with images of Wassily Kandinsky, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali and Roy Lichtenstein.
After ITIC 2010 in Istanbul, it is the second time that Robert and his team have won a ITIJ Marketing Campaign Award.

Marmassistance received "The Company of the Year" award in ITIJ's cost containment category.

This award proved that the company’s efforts to become "the extended arm" of the industry in Turkey and Middle East has been recognized by visionary industry professionals.
ITIJ announced that the factors which played a crucial role in this selection were marmassistance recent expansion in the region to handle local matters with more efficiency, its scientific approach to containing medical costs, and its key role in the regional healthcare dynamics and ability to come in where others could not.
This award showed that the strategy marmassistance has set for the future has proven right, which the industry stakeholders have confirmed by choosing them as the Company of the Year in ITIJ's cost containment category.
It also goes to show that marmassistance has owners and partners who believe in the company, which is the ground on which we base the future of our business, Firat Olgun, CEO of marmassistance says.


At this year’s ITIC conference, ARC Europe was strongly represented in the Exhibition area with three adjacent booths: those of ADAC Ambulanz, of our local Partner and Shareholder ÖAMTC,  and a joint one of TCS and its daughter company Alpine Air Ambulance.

ARC Europe would like to thank all network partners from around the world who visited its booths in considerable numbers. ARC Europe is very proud of the recognition given by the industry to two very important partners of its worldwide Medical an Travel assistance  Network.

This year’s presence of ARC Europe as  the leading Automobile clubs demonstrated a strong united force towards the industry.

Author/Source: ARC Europe

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