Marm assistance’s fresh look at the future

30 September 2013

Marm assistance is investing in its future. Current managerial changes provide a clear direction and a fresh look at the future of the company. Parts of this fresh look are innovative IT developments in order to make the life of clients more easy and comfortable and the empowerment of the regional network. Another significant development for the future is the start of Marm Academy. This training program provides training to other companies operating within the assistance and insurance field and is related to the belief in a future of experience sharing.

Recently the board of Marm assistance has assigned a new executive management comprising Mr. Firat Olgun as the General Manager and Dr. Fatih Mehmet Gül as the Deputy General Manager.  Mr. Olgun has over 30 years of international insurance experience. He has managed several insurance companies in Turkey. He contributed to those entities by managing them in a structured and progressive way. Dr. Gül is a licensed physician and gained intensive business experience at international organizations like UN, BP and Toyota. He had career opportunities in different countries and cultures. Dr Gül has a background in healthcare, automobile, insurance and aviation, especially in the North Africa and Middle East region.

Marm assistance is investing in its future by the empowerment of its regional network in order to support the expansion of its assistance services in the region. Marm assistance has signed agreements with several service providers in order to cover assistance services in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Cyprus, Afghanistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Marm assistance believes that IT developments in the assistance industry are necessary for the future. Hence Marm assistance develops mobile applications to provide particular assistance services. Marm assistance launched its first proprietary mobile application for roadside assistance in 2012. With this application Marm assistance aims to provide drivers with a smooth and trustworthy roadside assistance experience en route. The application makes the communication and operation easier, quicker and smoother than before by directly sending the vehicle information and personal information to the Marm assistance alarm centre. The second mobile application Marm Assistance developed keeps track of personal health records. The health records mobile application keeps the personal and family health records in one application in ten languages. This health application assists the patient for any medical examination, domestic and abroad. The health application makes it easier to keep health records at one point.

Since Marm assistance believes in the importance of experience sharing, Marm assistance started Marm Academy. The aim of Marm assistance is to create an open dialogue and a synergy within the assistance and insurance field. With Marm Academy, Marm assistance provides training about the following topics: technical assistance, medical assistance, medical cost containment and medical tourism management. For each training topic Marm assistance does not only provide specific technical trainings but also training in customer care, personal motivation and operational team management. Marm Academy has already welcomed attendees from China and Egypt and is looking forward to welcome more people working in the assistance and insurance business.


Author/Source: Marm Assistance

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