marmassistance appoints Dr. Yusuf Ayvat as Medical Director

01 August 2012

Left to right : Dr. Ege Unalcin, Dr. Yusuf Ayvat, Dr. Ramiz Aras Left to right : Dr. Ege Unalcin, Dr. Yusuf Ayvat, Dr. Ramiz Aras

marmassistance entrusts its medical operations to a highly-experienced sector professional. Dr. Yusuf Ayvat will be joining marmassistance as the new Medical Director, bringing with him nearly 45 years of experience in German, French and Turkish hospitals.

Prior to his role in marmassistance, Dr. Ayvat simultaneously held the positions of General Surgeon, Hospital Director and Foreign Patient Relations Department Manager in Kuşadası Private Hospital for 12 years. His previous experience includes 22 years of similar roles in various Turkish State Hospitals following 10 years in France and Germany as Chief Clinic Doctor and General Surgeon.

marmassistance CEO Hans Biekmann welcomed Dr. Ayvat to the company, saying “We are delighted to have Yusuf on board. His vast experience and knowledge regarding the operations of private hospitals in touristic regions, his ensuing familiarity with the European assistance and travel insurance companies and his medical past in Europe make him the best man for the job. I am confident he will successfully utilize his valuable know-how to contribute to our sector-leading Medical Cost Containment program and assist our clients in the best way possible”.

Dr. Ayvat reciprocated Mr. Biekmann’s excitement, “I am highly acquainted with marmassistance back from my days in Kuşadası Private Hospital. I know, through first-hand experience, how demanding and persistent they can get in protecting their clients’ interests – which is a strong indication of professionalism and superior work-ethics. Hence I feel very comfortable and excited to bring my expertise over here. This is a company any professional would be proud to be a part of”.

Dr. Yusuf Ayvat’s main responsibility will be to investigate new cost containment procedures to perfect marmassistance Medical Cost Containment program, along with developing and maintaining close relations with the hospitals and international assistance companies and supervising the medical operations. He will work closely together with marmassistance senior experts, Dr. Ege Unalcin and Dr.Ramiz Aras.


Author/Source: marmassistance

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