Change of Medical Service Provider in South Africa

01 May 2012


On 1st May 2012 Netcare 911 International Assistance Services, the ARC Europe Service Provider for South Africa since 2003, decided to stop its assistance services and to go back to its core business.

Netcare 911 are specialised in  Emergency Medical Services, including Air Ambulance and Remote Site support.

As a result, ARC Europe appointed a new Service Provider for Medical & Travel Assistance Network for South Africa. The selected company, Alliance International Medical Services (AIMS), was recommended by the previous partner, Netcare 911. Some ARC Europe Medical Network user organisations have already worked with AIMS for a few exceptional cases and these coops were always successful.

AIMS offers foreign patients the availability of specialist doctors and private hospitals to treat any ailment. Services are provided in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.

AIMS has good existing alliances with the three largest private hospitals and clinic groups, as well as other private facilities and clinics in Sub Saharan Africa.

The company’s medically trained case managers will visit  patients at their bedside and liaise with the doctors and nursing staff. AIMS is kept up to date on each aspect of the patients’ treatment and prognosis.  AIMS is convinced that this hands-on service, which they have been implementing over the past 10 years, is what  foreign patients and their families expect.

AIMS is in a position to cost the financial implication of the medical treatment required, from arrival or admission to the patient’s return. The company includes the cost of accommodation, all medical disciplines and peripheral costs which may be incurred. At all times AIMS endeavours to achieve the most cost efficient and appropriate medical care for its customers.

After care, rehabilitation and step-down facilities can be arranged for patients who arenot able to travel home.

AIMS also can assist with visa requirements, translators, flights, accommodation as well as transport.

The company is in a position to co-ordinate air ambulance evacuations and repatriations in and out of Africa within medical parameters. Medical escorts can also be arranged, should this be required.

Should  patients require ambulance escort from the airport due to the nature of their condition, this will be arranged and coordinated with the receiving hospital.

ARC Europe takes the opportunity to thank Netcare 911 for  nearly one decade of cooperation and to welcome Alliance International Medical Services within the ARC Europe Medical and Travel Network.


Author/Source: ARC Europe

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