In Memoriam, Petri Paavola, founder of Medflight Finland

14 February 2012

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Petri Paavola
On a frosty winter day, Monday the 30st of January 2012, we received shocking sad news. A close colleague of us, Petri Paavola, died in a traffic accident.

Petri Paavola founded the company ”Sairaankuljetus Oy” for the region Keski-Uudenmaa (Finland)  in  1989.  Later the company’s activitities were logically extended by emergency phone call services and medical home visits . In 1995 he founded MedFlight Finland Oy a provider for  medical care to travellers. The company developed very quickly to a major player, both nationally and internationally.

Petri was a hard-working, intelligent and a determined person and if necessary a tough business man in all his activities. Towards his employees he was defending, caring and helpful. At some point everybody experienced him like this in one way or another.

Petri was giving up the ownership of the emergency call services and MedFlight Finland OY in the beginning of the 21st century, but he stayed as an employer in order to ensure the continuity of the business and the well-being of his former employees. In the last years he clearly reduced his workload and took time for himself, his family and relatives.

Lately Petri spent a lot of time with his children and especially with his grandchildren, who were very important to him. Therefore when calling him, you could often hear joyful children’s voices in the background while they were enjoying time with their “Grandpa Peppe”.

In the last years he was walking and running as well as doing cross-country skiing in order to keep fit. Thus he was out for a walk on this frosty morning when he took his last steps on this earth.

Our heartfelt condolences to Petri’s friends, relatives, children and above all to his grandchildren.

In honor of Petri’s memory
Petri’s friends and colleagues
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Keski-Uudenmaan Sairaankuljetus Oy

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