Hans Biekmann - new CEO of Marmassistance

08 Decemper 2011

Dr Atac and Mr Biekmann Dr Atac and Mr Biekmann

marmassistance announced today its new CEO and Board member, Hans Biekmann, previously working as Network Director at ARC Europe in Brussels.

After a 14-years-career at ARC Europe, Hans Biekmann decided to leave the company as from 1st November 2011 and to meet new professional challenges.
Hans Biekmann will replace as from 1st January 2012 Mrs. Jill Ataç, who will act as from that date as the Chairman of the Board of marmassitance.

Dr. Mustafa and Jill Ataç, Marm Assistance owners and founders in 1986, will go into a well deserved pension in the course of 2012.

Hans Biekmann brings on board more than 25 years of experience in assistance, insurance, marketing, sales and operational management. He had worked closely with the marmassitance team throughout the years and supported them achieving their market leading position. Indeed marmassitance’ business portfolio almost tripled in 2011.

According to Dr. Mustafa Ataç. Hans Biekmann’s new challenge will be to establish marmassitance as market leader for both Medical and Technical Assistance in Turkey, the Caucasus and the Middle East region: “Hans Biekmann is an accomplished leader, with a track record of working with the European Automobile Clubs and has its roots in assistance operations. He brings a great mix of leadership, inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for customer care. marmassistance is lucky to find someone that has such a perfect set of skills for this opportunity.”

On the occasion of his new appointment Hans Biekmann commented that this was a perfect challenge and a great opportunity for him to work for marmassistance in his role of a new CEO. Turkey is a huge emerging market with enormous potentials. He is glad to join the MARM Management Team with whom he made so many positive experiences in the past already.

ARC Europe looks forward to continue working with Hans as CEO of an ARC Europe successful Service Provider and wishes Hans all the best for his new position at marmassistance.

Author/Source: ARC Europe

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