ARC Europe is ISO 9001 Certified, and performs all its activities according to the ISO standards.

Every single Service provider that joined the Network  succesfully passed the  standard ARC Selection Audit, which is performed by our Network Area Managers. The Entry Criterias are based on the highest quality standards. The Area Managers also periodically audit the Network to ensure the quality of service delivery. Regular feedback meetings of network user organizations evaluate the performance of the selected providers.

• The ARC Europe Medical Travel Network Service providers are the best in class providers in their contracted region.

• They operate 24 hours / 7 days

• All the Service providers have the best local domestic network of Hospitals  Clinics with the lowest contractual prices.

•  Service providers have their own medical team which consists of  Medical Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and a multilingual operation team.


                                          A high service level for a correct price!


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