Company Background

Company Background

In the early 1950s, the ARC Europe leading Automobile Clubs  pioneered the provision of medical and travel assistance services as first organizations in Europe. The objective was to make their members feel more at ease while travelling. Since then, the programs have expanded to deliver world-wide medical and travel assistance services through a later on consolidated world-wide network developed by ARC Europe.

The high-quality network of experienced service providers allows ARC Europe to deliver countless options in the medical and travel assistance field, and design tailor-made travel insurance products for both existing and potential clients.

Thanks to proven international logistical know-how, an independent medical and travel assistance network, experienced call centres and competitive prices, ARC Europe can become your ideal partner for serving your beneficiaries with medical and travel assistance services.

ARC Europe offers medical and travel services to insurance companies, travel agencies, tour operators, banks and other organisations, all branded under the client's label. ARC Europe can either sell a non-insured assistance programme on a fee per case or lump sum basis or a comprehensive travel insurance package with a single premium.

Company Profile

ARC Europe was established in 1991 and has developed a comprehensive range of assistance services to travellers around the world.

ARC Europe symbolises the unification of a network of medical and travel assistance organisations, ready to provide round the clock service with a degree of courtesy and care that only dedicated and professional staff can achieve.  The staff in the Assistance Centres are trained to give confident, friendly help and information, and co-ordinate the deployment of assistance with a minimum of delay.


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