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Welcome to the ARC Europe Group Medical & Travel Worldwide Assistance Network

With more than 47 service providers, ARC Europe's Medical and Travel Assistance Network covers all continents. From Europe to the USA, from Australia to South America, from Canada to India, wherever your beneficiaries go, they can enjoy a consistently high standard of service.

ARC Europe's service providers handle more than 362,000 Medical and Travel cases per year and employ around 20,852 trained staff members to ensure that emergencies are dealt with the utmost care.

Whether you are a corporate client or an individual customer, the ARC Europe Network will provide you the utmost assistance, 24/7, the whole year through.

ARC Europe's Medical and Travel Assistance service providers are selected and maintained based on regular quality audits and cost containment capabilities. Only those providers who can guarantee the highest service standards become part of ARC Europe's network.

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Worldwide Network

Worldwide Network

In the early 1950s, the ARC Europe leading Automobile Clubs pioneered the provision of medical and travel assistance services. The objective was to make their personal members feel more at ease while travelling. Since then, they have expanded to deliver worldwide medical and travel assistance services through a consolidated worldwide network developed by ARC Europe.

In 2014 our worldwide network handled over 350,000 files, delivering first class medical assistance, assisting travellers around the globe and reducing costs for our corporate clients. We are your local partner for Global Solutions!

Tailor Made Packages

Tailor Made Packages

The high-quality network of experienced service providers allows ARC Europe to deliver countless options in the medical and travel assistance field, and to design tailor-made travel insurance products for existing and potential clients.

Thanks to proven international logistical know-how, an independent medical and travel assistance network, experienced call centres and competitive prices, ARC Europe can become your ideal partner for serving your beneficiaries with medical and travel assistance services.

ARC Europe offers medical and travel services to insurance companies, travel agencies, tour operators, banks, and other organisations, branded under the client's label. ARC Europe can sell either a non-insured assistance programme on a fee per case basis, or a comprehensive travel insurance package with a single premium.



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