Company Name: TEJANI

Headquarters: Penang-Malaysia

Network Member Since: 2002


Other Countries Covered:







Tejani Emergency Assistance Malaysia (TEAM) was established in 1989, was fully operational in 1994 and today is well known as the preferred service provider for the region.


TEJANI provides emergency medical assistance and other related services to various policy-holders of International Insurance Companies dealing in medical and travel related assistance services.

TEJANI  gives multiple services for the patients  in their own medical centre TEJANI MEDICAL CENTRE managed by  their sister company  TEJANI MEDICAL SERVICES (TMS).  The medical personnel are qualified professionals who can deal with and provide a quick efficient response to any type of medical incident any where in the region.


TEJANI is well known for their  commitment towards providing medical care and assistance especially to travelers particularly in Malaysia.

Their staff are well trained and experienced in coordinating the emergency cases.

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